Best Collection Of Paintings As Per Vastu Shastra 

The love for paintings has been continued since the evolution of humankind. Paintings are a great form of expression and communication through colors, symbols, and its unique style. Nowadays, the craze for vastu paintings has been increased due to the heavy reliance of people on religion and productivity. Have a look at some of the elegant vastu paintings for your home, office, or workplace from best websites to buy paintings online

Buddha paintings as an impression of fear and anger

The origin of Buddhism can be traced back to the Han Dynasty. The fingers and prominently, the thumb are recognized as one of the five elements (water, space, fire, wind, earth) of Vastu Shastra. The significant highlight of this posture depicts the protection from fear and anger. The position represents with one hand shows the blessing gesture depicting freedom from fear. The other hand resting on the lap shows the concentration drawing inner balance. This kind of painting is suitable for your study room, meditation place, and also for the library with Buddha as an inspirational model. 

Running Horses paintings for speed and victory

As we know, horses are a symbol of achievement, power, freedom, and speed. In other words, a horse painting depicts every trait needed to achieve greater heights in career or business. If you are currently facing any degradation in your performance, then by placing these paintings in your workplace will surely motivate you and you will start working hard. In the paintings, running horses display to move forward in your life overcoming all the challenges and hurdles coming in the way. The color, number of horses, and the direction are crucial to determine while considering it for Vastu Shastra regulations. and also there are some paintings which have places in it. Suresh Gulage Paintings are much extraordinary related to the pink city.

Money paintings for financial growth

To generate real wealth, it is vital to do things you like along with a combination of hard work and passion for achieving it. However, vastu can serve as a helping hand in making more money. It reflects financial luck to those facing hardships in their businesses. So you can keep money painting in your office or home to stay focused on generating wealth and success. 

God paintings for students

Paintings around the student desk corner make them creative and positive. It is always beneficial to place god paintings like goddess Sarasvati painting as a blessing for studies and preparation for examinations. Sarasvati is often seen as a devotee of knowledge and intelligence. Therefore, these paintings are suitable according to Vastu Shastra, particularly for students and children. 

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